Contact Lenses Online

If you buy contact lenses online on the internet, over the phone or by mail oder, there are a few points to consider:

Buying contact lenses online will certaily provide some savings. If you shop around, you will find discount contact lens offers and you will buy relatively cheap contact lenses, without having to sacrifice in quality. Even crazy contact lenses, like the ones some people put on for halloween, can be bought at discount prices.

Fun Contact Lenses Online

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But as these fun contact lenses are not really the focus of this site, let’s look at the most important points when buying contact lenses online:

  • You should always have a current, correct prescription when you order contact lenses.
  • Your last eye check-up should not be longer than one to two years ago.
  • Make sure your prescription has not expired.
  • Request the manufacturer’s written patient information for your contact lenses. It will give you important informations and instructions for the use of your contact lenses.

Why an eye check-up and a current prescription for contact lenses are important:

During your eye check-up, your eye doctor will test the fit of your contact lenses and observe any changes in your cornea caused by your contact lenses. With a correct, current contact lens prescription problems can be avoided, especially if you wear your lenses on an extended or overnight schedule. Don’t buy contact lenses online without a prescription.

During regularly scheduled ophtalmologist visits, your eye doctor looks for irregularities that may lead to problems. These irregularities often have no symptoms and you may be totally unaware of them.

Wearing contact lenses causes changes to the eye, and sometimes wearing contact lenses can damage the cornea (the clear window of the eye). Buying contact lenses online sometimes lets people forget that a visit to the eye doctor is a necessity. Even if you are currently experiencing no problems, the lenses may be causing damage to your eyes. Regular check-ups by your eye doctor will allow early detection if there are problems.

Please make sure, you see your eye doctor regularly, even if you are purchasing your contact lenses online. This site will help you find the best deals online. Just navigate through the links and check the deals, we update the site daily so that you may allways find the most actual offers for contact lenses online.

What to look for especially when you order your contact lenses:

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Sometimes an online contact lens vendor will try to substitute one brand for an other. This may or may not work for you. Best is you stay with the brand that you are used to and that your doctor has prescribed.

Short Contact Lens Buyers Check List

When you buy contact lenses online, allways check to make sure the company gives you

  • the exact brand
  • correct lens name
  • correct power like
    – sphere,
    – cylinder (if your contact lens prescription defines any)
    – axis (if your contact lens prescription defines any)
  • correct diameter
  • correct base curve,
  • correct peripheral curves (if your contact lens prescription defines any)

Should you suspect, that you have gotten an incorrect lens, check with your eye doctor. Don’t accept a substitution unless your doctor approves it.

Observing these points should keep you safe and your eyes in good shape, even when you buy contact lenses online!

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